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On this page I will review all your emails and provide answers.

  • A friend of mine has a keen interest in African cooking and has been asking me for recipes. I think this would be an ideal christmas present. Plesase help!!!!

  • Hi I have a project due tomorrow and i have to bring in an African food and i was wordering what food would be the easiest thing to get. MAybe i could even get it at an ACME? Anyway if you get this later tonight please email me back with a suggestion.


  • In chad thay made a drink called jus de fruit. With fruit and i don't know what else. can you help me.


  • Hi I tried an African dish the other day and it was delicious. It containedchicken, shrimp,beef,and spinach, do you know what is called or doyou have a receipie for it.


  • Hi my name is Matthew and I am 13 years old. I am working on a project about Swaziland, Africa and I would very much like to cook something to take to my class to taste as a food they enjoy in Swaziland. Can you help me?? I have found alot of recipes from Africa but they do not tell me if they are something people from Swaziland enjoy.


  • Hi there, actually I'm looking for Herbs and Spices from Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania. Do you think you can help me out here, it's for my homework for school.


  • on your web page you use the word chilli. Does that mean a chilli pepper or something else. Also My son's school wants to have an african feast, so we are looking for EASY African receipes can you suggest something.

  • Please send recipes with Algerian foods.

  • You have a very nice and informative website.Can we feature some of your recipes on our website.


  • Hello, how are you? It comes from Ghana. would you happen to have a recipe, or where I could find a recipe for it? Thank you so much.


  • I am trying to find a recipe from the Congo for my child's history project.
    Can you help? Please forward response to e-mail address:


  • I am interested in a simple recipe specifically from the Ivory Coast. Do you have any recipes from there that would suit 6th graders taste buds?