Salayi and the Witch Doctor
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New Book Out Not.....Read It And Weep

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Others who had visited Kanunka in the past claimed he had given them harmful medicines and potions.......

Another woman who had survived the ordeal came running back to the village one day after she had gone to see Kanunka for a love potion. When she arrived in Kwacha Kwacha village she was crying with agony. She explained to the others how Kanunka had told her to lie down, then proceeded to tie her hands and legs. When she tried to protest he brought out a sharp knife. At that point she had fainted, unable to believe what was happening to her, and when she came to her breasts had been cut off. She could not believe it. When she asked the evil witch doctor why he had cut off her breasts he told her he needed them to make her love potion....

About the Author

Manjase Banda was born in Zambia and acquired her education in Zambia and the United Kingdom. She is the second born, in a family of four. Manjase has written other books on the subject of cookery. She has a BA (Hon) in Business Studies and an MBA in International Business.